"I believe the reason we are compelled to pursue personal healing, self awareness , and connection is all due to wanting to know the truth about our ourselves, to reach a deeper connection to 

life, love & happiness. 

As multi-sensory beings it's natural to want to know as much as we can about the meaning and purpose of our existence."

Known for her deep dive sensory experiences, Ashleigh Guthrie, has followed her passion for travelling and thirst for knowledge on mindset and mind-body connection. 

This has lead her to exploring massage techniques in temples, sound therapy with Tibetan Shamans as well as learning Meditation techniques in Nepal with Monks and Nuns. She has dedicated herself to her own personal healing and self awareness, learning from experts in ancient healing arts, Eastern philosophies and mindset coaches around the world such as Thailand, India, Hawaii, Bali, Nepal and South America.

Ashleigh's expertise provide a brilliant pathway into the depths of your inner soul, where she will guide you safely inwards to discover a space filled with peace, connection and fulfilment deep from within yourself.


What is my purpose?

What am i doing with my life?

What will i be remembered for?

Sometimes in life we can experience significant events that change our perception life forever.

This can include a transition period that brings unexpected change, perhaps a sense of loss, lack of clarity, disconnection and feeling unfulfilled.

Ashleigh's authentic mentorship programs are designed to re-build your strength, ignite your passion and reclaim your personal power. 

Are you ready to take the leap of faith and discover who you truly are?

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As within, so without.

These powerful massage experiences are designed to  helping  release physical stress that you are holding within your body thus liberating your mind from limiting thoughts and trapped emotions.

By intuitively drawing together a multitude of techniques

Ashleigh is able to create a truly unique and powerful experience to help you to rediscover your truest nature, to be at peace.

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Many people initially say that they are scared to enter into this domain, after all, why stir the status quo?

Go as deep as feels right for you on this enlightening journey of revealing healing.

Perhaps you are feeling out of control or out of touch with how you really feel.

Let this enriching experience bring you back to your calmest self, revealing your balance and flow. 

As you allow Ashleigh to safely navigate this path remember,

you are always the driver.

It is from a place of stillness that healing occurs.

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Paul Nolan's Experience

Ashleigh Guthrie is simply one of the most unique, present and intuitive practitioners of Sound Therapy I have experienced.

Ashleigh creates a beautiful, open, safe space for you to surrender to what your body, mind and spirit yearns to do, which is heal.

Everything is valid. Ashleigh ensures you are seen, heard, and held as who you are in truth.

I struggle to find the words to adequately do justice to how profound, deep and shifting her skills as a facilitator are.

There’s only one way to truly understand Ashleigh’s gifts - and that is to directly experience them for yourself.

Paul Nolan - Award Winning Music Producer

Cat Raincock's Experience

My experience with the lovely Ashleigh Guthrie was magical. Her gentle voice is hypnotic as she takes you on a deep inward journey filled with calm, peace and so much love.

She guides you through your process with expertise and knows exactly how to navigate your consciousness to get the results you want.

She creates and holds a sacred space for you, while her bespoke musical playlists and readings are truly magical.

I can't recommend her enough - the cacao was delicious too!! I can't wait for my next journey with her.

Cat Raincock - Women’s Mentor, podcaster, and author

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