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"I wasn't searching for a guru or a healer to take away my pain, I was searching for someone to show me the tools and practices of how to stop my own cycle of suffering. 

I knew deep in my soul, that only when i had achieved this for myself, could i then guide other's to do the same"

Ashleigh Guthrie, Inspirational speaker & Soul Guide

Healing Arts - Massage, Meditation, Sound Healing.


At the age of 24, Ashleigh was The Founder of Manchester’s’ number one day spa and finalist for the regions Young Entrepreneur Award within her first year of trading. 

With over a decade in the 5* hotel spa and wellbeing industry, Ashleigh is better known for the "best elbows in the North West" and "Massage therapist to the stars". 

Eventually Ashleigh moved to London only to find that 6 months later, her whole perception on life would be completely changed, forever...

After the unexpected death of her mum in 2016,  Ashleigh, set out on her own personal healing journey to Bali

 It was here that she discovered mind-body connection based practices that allowed her to finally surrender control, feel through the pain to ultimately nurture her body and soothe her soul.

She then decided to travel further a field to Nepal with the intention to stop her constant over thinking.

Ashleigh found her self at Kopan Monastery for over 20 days studying with Monks and Nuns on Mindfulness Meditation and Buddhist Psychology, learning how to calm her Western mind as well as deep diving into Eastern Philosophy on death and dying with a feisty yet compassionate Buddhist nun, Ven Robina Robinson.

 Ashleigh then traveled into the city of Katmandu where she learnt the ancient art of Sound Healing

from Tibetan Shamans. 

"I was taught by four Tibetan Shamans . The first, Grand Master Shree, taught me his grandfathers intuitive techniques and the other 3 lived in a Golden Temple. They taught me the science of how the sacred sound frequencies and vibrations from Tibetan Singing bowls help to re-balance our brainwaves, harmonise the body's energy centres and how our voice can evoke deep healing from within" 

Upon returning home to the Western world Nov 2017, Ashleigh was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. As a result she was suffering, flash backs, replaying specific memories, night terrors and constant anxiety and panic attacks.

By putting all of these ancient teachings into practice in her own personal life and Western world, she found a way to find joy on the other side of sorrow and now shares her personal healing journey through drawing and public speaking to provide a message of hope and inspiration for both men and women.


Ashleigh has since worked on retreats in Guatemala and Ibiza,  where she has sat with shamans, healers and spiritual mentors who taught her how to work with the subtle plant medicine Cacao, the purest form of ceremonial grade chocolate, known to help open up your heart for deeper connection and personal healing. 

Ashleigh offers this beautiful plant medicine during:

Mind-Body-Soul Healing Experiences 

Group Cacao Ceremonies

Mentorship/Coaching Programs

Ashleigh now works with those who are seeking soul guidance on how to heal their hearts, feel more connected and gain clarity on their sense purpose in life with these exclusive offerings.

Ashleigh is available for:




UK & Global Retreats 

Inspirational Speaking

UK base - Manchester & London

With deepest gratitude to my teachers in Nepal - Wong Mo, 

Ven Robina Robinson, Grand Master Shree, Anni Karen.

Nepal, October 2017