“When sharing her own personal accounts in public forum, she speaks with a rare truth and candour that inspires others to dare to dream..and that they may be as honest with themselves as she is.”

Dr Jonquille Chantrey ~ Aesthetic Surgeon, International Lecturer & Yoga Teacher

“Ashleigh’s expertise provide a brilliant pathway into the depths of the soul, her calm and loving approach guides you safely inwards to discover the truth of who and what you really are.” Catherine Tyldesley ~ Strictly Come Dancing Star & Actress.

Ashleigh Guthrie

Sound Shamaness, Inspirational speaker, Author.

Healing Arts - Massage, Meditation, Sound Healing, Grief Ceremonialist.


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At the age of 24, Ashleigh was the founder of Manchester’s number one day spa and finalist for the regions Young Entrepreneur Award within her first year of trading. 

After the unexpected death of her mother in 2016 she turned to the mystics of eastern traditions and healing arts to find deeper levels of connection to the mind-heart-body.


Ashleigh now lovingly creates deep dive healing ceremonies on a one:one basis, groups and retreats around the world for both men and women, she is based in Manchester and London.

Each one is prepared with exquisite detail and commitment to her cause, with an attention to detail to create unique experiences that profoundly stimulate multiple senses, leaving feelings of peace, freedom and joy. 

Her medicine bag includes a wide range of techniques including sound healing with Tibetan Singing Bowls.


Ashleigh has trained with experts in Thai massage in Buddhist temples, studied the ancestral traditions of sound and vibrational therapy from Tibetan Shamans, learnt Meditation techniques on death and dying, from monks and nuns during her time at Kopan Monastery, Nepal. Her dedication to travel and education has recently lead her to embody the art of sacred rituals within the depths of the Amazon Jungle with Master Peruvian Shamans.


Ashleigh, is passionate about sharing these ancient wisdoms from a western perspective, with the intention that deeper levels of connection will be inspired by intuitively combining the power of sound, ceremony and storytelling from the stage. Transmuting the perception of loneliness, loss and separation,  empowering states of wholeness. 

What our customers are saying

“I have had the privilege of witnessing Ashleighs rise from the ashes of grief when her mother died. She has travelled the world working with renowned healers and spiritual teachers. She speaks from the heart directly to the soul, her enchanting talents are quickly obvious and unique!” 

Michelle Zelli, Emotional Detox Coach & Cannes Speaker 2019.

What our customers are saying

"I wasn't searching for a guru or a healer to take away my pain, I was searching for someone to show me the tools and practices of how to stop my own cycle of suffering. 

I knew deep in my soul, that only when i had achieved this for myself, could i then guide other's to do the same"

Ashleigh Guthrie, Sound Shamaness, Inspirational speaker, Grief Ceremonialist.

Healing Arts - Massage, Meditation, Sound Healing.

With deepest gratitude to my teachers in Nepal - Wong Mo, 

Ven Robina Robinson, Grand Master Shree, Anni Karen.

Nepal, October 2017