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What a difference a year makes

August 31st 2018

When images of last year’s seven-week trip to Bali popped up on my Facebook timeline, I knew it was actually time to write my first blog and finally start to find my voice through words to express myself, share my experiences, inspire - but also as another way for myself to release, let go and grow.

July 2017, I deep dived into the waters falls of Bali! 

I’d spent the last 10 months prior drowning in the depths of grief and sorrow after the death of my mother, entangled with the ending of a three year narcissistically abusive & toxic relationship. 

Arriving in Ubud, barely able to string a sentence together without breaking down into heart wrenching sobs, I was physically, emotionally and mentally exhausted. My spirit and self-esteem were dragging across the floor, cloaked in darkness, heavy and broken.

Yet I knew within the depths of my soul that if I ever hoped to get back to helping others through massage therapy and emotional healing work, I would need to go through my own emotional detox.  If I were ever to help just one person who was hurting from a past trauma - I would have to heal myself first!

I didn't want to hit 40 years of age and have this experience coming back to bite me on the arse…because I knew it was subconsciously affecting my mental state, relationships and career. 

Whenever I’ve experienced emotional pain my behaviour pattern, like many other people, had always been to run away and escape. In my case it was mainly through travelling and sexual taboos. So much so that I had even named my old Manchester based day spa business 'City Spa Escapes.'

But I knew this time was different. I knew deep down that I had to deep dive and feel into the pain in order to truly heal.

My partner in crime, Megan, came out to meet me. I'd not seen her for nine months as she herself had been on her own action packed exploration of the world.

Her first words were "Ashleigh, I didn't recognise you when I first saw you. You're as white as a ghost and a bag of bones." 

My adrenal glands were in a state of shock and my nervous system was in a constant state of 'fight or flight'. I didn't realise until later into the trip that I was in-fact suffering with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

I encouraged Megan to join me in exploring the wonderful world of Gong Baths, within the Pyramids from a couple  who had been 'given a download' from aliens to build them, and how they’d guided them in raising the £3million to do so!....urm hello aliens, i'm listening!!

We experienced Kundalini Yoga with a self proclaimed 'Master' (who really did look just like ‘Mr Miyagi) whose beige, suede yoga pants cupped his balls with just the right amount of freedom to swing his hips into poses that left us blushing and in fits of giggles between WTF glances!!!  (We both agreed from meeting some of his gushing students that he was giving them a different kind of 'Kundalini experience'!).

Five weeks into the trip, over a glass of cheap house Balinese red, Megan turned to me and said "Ashleigh, it seems like you're out here searching for something..."

My response flew out of my mouth before I'd even had time to think about it,


"I am searching!"

"I'm not searching for a guru to take my pain away, I'm not searching for a healer to heal my wounds. I am searching for someone to show me the tools and the practices that I can use to stop my own suffering. I want to bring them back home and share them with others that are searching for the same thing. I want to guide those who a ready to take the first steps towards taking the leap into the unknown and help them to stop their own cycles of suffering."

So what was the turning point for me? 

A three-day workshop called ‘UNLEASH YOUR WILD WOMAN’ run by a gorgeously feminine but fiery French woman named Céline Levy.

On the second day Céline invited each of us to look into a small, rectangular mirror for two minutes.

Those long two minutes were the catalyst for my deep inner knowing. My soul screamed out so loud! As I looked into my eyes I finally saw my wild woman, the teacher within that I had been searching for.  The truest part of myself that i had forgotten due to many years of conditioning and limiting beliefs that had been placed over my innocent eyes like a veil. 

You see for the previous 18 months I had tried to look into so many mirrors and all I could see was a broken little girl staring back at me, with tear stained cheeks and agony in her eyes. All the times i'd been told 'well that's just weird' and 'thats not normal'.

But this time, and for the very first time - I saw my own potential, i felt an inner strength deep in my bones, my spirit had been awakened once again.

One year can bring about enough changes for a lifetime. One year is enough for you to discover yourself on a deeper ‘soul’ level. 

Only one year…just one short year is enough time to really feel into the pain of grief and loss and release it, one heartbeat at a time.

And one year is enough to make the very best out of the next one!

I want to make it really easy for you to get the most out of your life. I want you to feel safe and supported as you explore your feelings and go into those depths. And I want you to move out of that discomfort fast and experience miracles!

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Love & light, 

Ashleigh xxx