Mind-Body healing for physical, emotional and mental wellbeing


“Ashleigh speaks from the heart, she is incredibly intuitive and this flows from her when she is delivering a talk, or facilitating a beautiful sound session. She has a way of calming anyone who is in her presence. Ashleigh's personal journey and experience shines through in all that she does, she is incredibly passionate and talented when it comes to sharing her unique gifts with the world.” 

~ Carol-Ann Reid, Transformational Coach.

“Ashleigh’s creative spark brings to life her unique ability to set and scene any stage into a whimsical playground for the senses.

I recently held a small but exclusive retreat for 6 women from around the world ready to own their inner warrior. Ashleigh was a fantastic Assistant, bringing ingenuity, authenticity and professionalism to the party.

She speaks from the heart directly to the soul and has an enchanting talent of intuitively guiding you on an inner journey to a deeper realm of connection through childlike curiosity. 

Her presence is powerful yet peaceful as she shares her passion of story telling, ceremony and sound with her audiences, to their surprise and delight.”

Michelle Zelli, Emotional Detox Coach & Cannes Speaker 2019